My name is Aoife, and my mom and I are going on a humanitarian trip to Upolu, Samoa in 2019!

Samoa is located in the pacific ocean in the middle of that group of pacific islands that help make up Oceania. As a country Samoa seems to be most known for their Polynesian culture, with their beautiful art, music and dance.

But most of the people there aren’t living in the ideal conditions we might be familiar with. So HEFY (Humanitarian Experience for Youth) has put it on the list of places for their groups to go help! -And that’s where we come in.

My mom and I signed up to go to Samoa in July of 2019 and now our part is to raise the funds to go!

If you’re interested in helping us out by donating, you can visit hefy.org/donate where you will also find a lot more information on the expeditions!

Thanks for everything YOU do to support our endeavor!

Much love,